Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Laminate Flooring for Bathroom


A bathroom is a place that has the highest amount of moisture in the home. Here the flooring almost always stays wet. So, you need to use the flooring that can withstand humidity and also does not rot with water retention. Yes, you have many options for choosing the bathroom flooring but laminate flooring is the recommended one for those who look for pocket-friendly options. What are the pros and cons of using laminate flooring Vancouver and other cities for the bathroom.

The Pros

  • Easy installation– the laminate flooring Vancouver and other cities can be installed with ease. This makes it a bit easy on the pocket as not much labor is required to lay it.
  • Effortless cleaning– any floor needs to be cleaned and maintained for the upkeep of the hygiene and cleanliness of the home. When the act of cleaning is difficult tidiness of the home and bathroom can tend to be compromised. This can lead to the residents being prone to infections.
  • Pretty Durable – durability is a factor that needs to be considered while flooring especially in the bathroom. You cannot keep laying your flooring every year. It will be so impractical. Laminate flooring is moderate durability and gives good value for money.
  • Highly functional– ignoring the functionality feature can put you into hardships. Using the laminate flooring with underlayment increases the functionality and is comfortable to the feet.
  • Good appearance – even for the bathroom flooring appearance needs to be given importance. A good visual appeal gives a good feeling when you use the bathroom. It eases the tension and helps release stress.

The Cons

  • Need to use specialized laminate flooring – you get the benefit of the advantages when specialized laminate flooring is used for the bathroom. This can prevent the seeping between the boards via the gaps in them.
  • Not possible to refinish – whenever there is any wear and tear you have to replace the flooring. You cannot refinish it as in hardwood flooring Vancouver residents do. This may increase your cost in the long run.
  • Has low slip resistance– not all laminate floorings are slip-resistant. So, you need to choose well when you use this kind of flooring for the bathroom. The slip-resistant flooring may cost a little higher also jeopardizing your budget limits.
  • Not natural – laminate flooring is man-made and those who wish to use only natural materials will not be happy to use this cheap option for flooring.
  • Gives a hard feeling to the feet – not all laminate flooring is soft on the feet. A hard feeling for the feet may give you comfort when walking. So, you may need to opt for a variety of laminate flooring that has some special features added. This may lead to cost escalation. But spending more on the flooring at the time of renovation may bring in other benefits.

Weigh all the pros and cons of the laminate flooring before you use it for your bathroom. You may want to consult an expert for this. Why not contact  today.

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