Choose Suitable Flooring for Your Home with the Recommendation of an Expert


In the home, some areas wear out faster than the other parts. One of them is the flooring. It needs more care and maintenance. Even after daily cleaning, there is enough wear and tear after a few years that it calls for renewing the flooring. In modern times you have many options to do your flooring. If you haven’t visited a tiles stores Vancouver from some time you will be in for a surprise. You will be amazed to see the options laid in front of you in the flooring section.

A Gamut of Floor Options

You have different options like engineered wood, laminate, tiles, and vinyl flooring Vancouver. Now when you are going to replace your flooring you should know the pros and cons of these different kinds of flooring available today. So, contact a renowned flooring expert or a home renovator who will be able to throw light on these varieties of flooring. The expert will pay a visit to your home and may recommend the kind of flooring that will suit your décor, taste, and use.

Engineered Wood Flooring

If you are a fan of a traditional look and love a woody look for your floor then engineered hardwood is the one you should go for. This is a cost-effective option and is durable too. If your area has extreme weather conditions it will get too cold in winter. Using wood for flooring will help save you on the power bills as you would not need to use the heater much. But the pet owners need to stay away from this kind of flooring is it is not scratch resistant.

Composite Flooring

The next option available is composite flooring. It is waterproof and is best used in the areas where that have water spills especially the bathroom and kitchen. Of course, it can be used in other areas too. A newbie may confuse it for laminate flooring as it appears similar to it. It can weather the extremes of temperatures just like the wood flooring. So, it is recommended for such use.

Laminate Flooring

Coming to laminate flooring it is recommended for people having pets in their homes. It is completely scratch resistant. It comes in various sizes and colors so you have a huge choice in front of you. It is durable and also lows priced.

Tile Flooring

Those who love tiles can go for the tile flooring. You have stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. They come in various hues and sizes. The only drawback is they are too cold to touch in the winter. So, in extreme weather conditions, you may get an inflated power bill.

Vinyl Flooring

Another option is vinyl flooring. There are different methods to install this flooring. It is water-resistant and is recommended for the kitchen and bathroom. It comes in different colors and you can pick the color that suits you or matches your décor.

To know more about the different flooring options, you can contact a home renovator like Sienna Flooring and Renovation and find out the pros and cons of each type of flooring.

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