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all you need to know about tile flooring

By Azusa Cheng

Tiles Options

  • Glazed Tiles: tile flooring that has a glassed protective coating
  • Unglazed Tiles: more natural tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles: made from red clay
  • Porcelain Tiles: Strong and durable tiles
  • Marble Tiles: timeless styles with the most variety and styles
  • Quartzite Floor Tiles: made form sandstone and other minerals
  • Pebbles & Stone Floor Tiles: create a rustic and natural feel
  • Slate Floor Tile: created from metamorphic rocks

You can find any of these tiles on our Tiles Store in Vancouver.


Pricing varies depending on:

  • Type and material of the tiles. Some exotic materials can be really expensive while some generic material can be cheaper. 
  • Size of the tiles and the number of tiles per package.
  • Installation: sometimes paying an expert to install your tile flooring might be cheaper than DIY since errors and redo might be a lot more expensive depending on the material you are using. Installation services varies according to the size of the project.
  • Removal: ask our experts since it depend on the case by case.

Remember that tiles floors last decades and they are durable so installing tile floors might be a long-time investment.  Ask, Moe, our Flooring Expert for the best pricing for your case.

“Remember that tiles floors last decades and they are durable and resistant  so installing tile floors might be a long-time investment.

Long Term Care

  • Tile Cleaning: moping with warm water or regular sweeping should be enough to keep tile flooring clean. Depending on the type of tiles some materials may be corrosive ask for proper care when buying the tiles
  • Grout Cleaning: most vulnerable part of this type of flooring. We suggest to use alkaline cleaners to remove stains in the grout. 
  • Remember to ask our experts on how to take care of your new tile flooring after they finish installing your new floors. You can follow our Instagram, Facebook, our Monthly Blogs  for tips and recommendation on flooring and home renovations.

Important Tips

Pay careful attention to the substrate. What is the substrate?  Substrate is the  subfloor that the ceramic tile flooring is being install on. This is the most important element for smooth and long lasting tile floors.

The subfloor has to be smooth, flat, and with not impurities or defects. Any imperfections which includes dips or rises on the substrate surface will create air pockets that will eventually crack and chip the tiles on the top of it.

The subfloor has to be temperature stable. The material on the subfloor cannot be prone to changes in size due to fluctuations in temperature.  Thus, many wood structures, which is common in Vancouver and Lower Mainland housing, might not be adequate for ceramic tiles flooring. Wood, unlike most materials, moves a great deal with the moisture content changes. These size changes can happen when the relative humidity changes which happens when the weather and season changes. Because concrete does not change much in size with the temperature, this make it perfect substrate surface for ceramic flooring. Thus, many basements uses ceramic tile flooring. 

For more information regarding Tile flooring come and visit our Flooring shop in Port Coquitlam, call us at  6044681055 or email us at info@siennarenovation.ca


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