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By Ritu G.

Whether you are simply replacing the bathroom vanities Vancouver or planning to remodel your bathroom, there are a number of factors that should be considered before selecting the right vanity. And, one of the most influencing factors is the size of the vanity.

But, the question is how to find the right size. In this article, we are sharing 4 tips to help you guide in making this important decision.

Bathroom Size

Obviously, the amount of space available for the vanity in the bathroom is the primary factory that will influence your decision of planning for vanity. If you have a small bathroom, you would be required to choosing a single-sink and narrow vanity. This is fairly common in half-baths, as these spaces don’t require a lot of storage for cosmetic and hygienic products.

Of course, having limited space doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on style. With three drawers and unique cabinet style, there is plenty of storage you will get to keep your stuff.

Number of People Using Bathroom

  • For most of the bathroom, one-sink vanity is sufficient. But, if you have two people using the bathroom at the same time, then it is better to pay a little more for double-sink bathroom vanity. This can be mostly seen in master bathrooms, as both might be performing the same routine, at the same time. This style of vanity is appropriate for bathrooms that are shared by multiple children.

    You can also opt to choose two sinks if there will be multiple people using the bathroom at the same time. With this, multiple people can brush the teeth, attend hygiene and do other things at the same, without causing inconvenience to others. Most double-sink cabinets have extra drawers and cabinets so that people using the vanity will be having plenty of storage space for the hygiene products. Consider taking the advice of renovation contractors Vancouver for this.

Desired Amount of Storage

Storage space in the bathroom is quite important. For many, the bathroom vanity is not only where you store your daily care items and personal hygiene, but it is also where you keep cleaning products like additional towels, hand towels, and toilet paper. So, if you have a lot of such items to store in your bathroom, then you probably need additional storage, which you can get through bathroom vanity.

However, if you don’t have space for a larger vanity, you can supplement the bathroom storage with well-placed hanging cabinets and shelves. For example, you can use floating shelves to hold glass containers of swabs and cotton balls, and a wall-mounted medicine cabinet can store hygiene products like face wash and shampoo.

Finding the Right One:

Once you have addressed the above-mentioned factors, you will probably get an idea of what size and style of vanity you need for your bathroom. So, how do you find the perfect one? You will obviously need the one that comes in the right finish and is the right size according to your needs.

Regardless of the type of vanity, you need for your bathroom, Sienna Renovation offers the one according to your needs and can also help you with flooring Vancouver.

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