Plumbing Services

in Vancouver & Lower Mainland

Plumbing Services in Vancouver

We provide all sorts of plumbing services including:

  • Installation of new toilets
  •  Installation of sinks and faucets
  •  Installation of garburators
  • Custom piping and drainage
  • Modification of piping and drainage
  • Installation of new piping and drainage

Trendy Faucets & Functional Bathroom Sinks in Vancouver

Trendy modern faucets

We carry a large variety of kitchen and bathroom faucets. We offer the best and well known brands in the industry 

Stainless Steel Sinks

We offer kitchen and bathroom sinks. Our stainless steel kitchen sinks are top of the line. We offer brands like Pearl, Gemini, and much more. 

Since we do many renovations, our suppliers offer us great prices which we can pass them on to our clients. Thus, we offer great prices on sinks and faucets, Vancouver’s homeowners can enjoy quality products at reasonable pricing. 

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